What happens when a robot gets fired? Well, there’s usually a good reason for it.

Reggie follows the titular character after he’s been fired from his old gig and had his memory chip wiped, erasing all knowledge of what he used to do, or what he’s meant to do.

After his job searching goes array, he meets a local bar tender, Arri, who offers up her home to him in exchange for some light house cleaning.


However, Reggie quickly enters freeloader mode, and Arri is forced to either kick him out, or get him a job. So, she gets him his first post-firing gig at the bar, which he promptly strong-arms his way into messing up.

Lost and defeated, they run into a litterer on the city streets, which puts Reggie into all out attack mode. After attacking the garbage tosser, he realizes his true calling - crime fighting. However, Arri quickly realizes that fighting crime is not his calling, but rather, he was built to pick up trash.

Director's Bio

Devin Durocher is a student filmmaker at MSU, currently in his senior year. An avid director and editor, his hand has been in over 80 student productions over his 3 years in the program.

Starting off as a sketch artist, Devin always found passion in character design and matte painting, and sci-fi is where those skills flourish. Reggie is an independent study taken on by Devin to close out his college career, but he’s been treating it much like a senior thesis, since MSU doesn’t offer a Senior Thesis program in its curriculum.

The film takes great inspiration from the work of Guillermo Del Toro, Adam Savage, and many other filmmakers and prop makers that build their worlds from scratch, from wood, from metal, and in this case, from foam.

The Robot

Production Details

Genres: Science Fiction, Comedy
Language: English
Public Release Date: July 31, 2019
Filming Location: Lansing, Michigan
Budget (Current): $3100
Technical Details
Runtime: 15 minutes
Camera: Sony FS700 w/ Atomos Ninja V
Lenses: Rokinon Sony E-Mount Prime Cine Series
Recording Format: S-Log MOV
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1