Brandon Drap


The man behind the suit, Brandon is a Theatre major at MSU. Currently a Junior, Brandon has partaken in several large productions within both the Theatre Department and student films.

Brandon provides both the physical performance, as well as the voice to our lovable robot.




Camille, a senior Theatre Major here at MSU, plays the overly kind Arri. 

Camille has directed a Theatre production of her own, called Through The Storm, a production that takes a critical look at sexual assault,abuse, and the different stages and faces of healing after trauma.



Mr. Mulligan

A member of the local Riverwalk Theatre, this is Joe's film/video debut.

Playing the soft villain, Joe brings an air of mystery and ominousness to the character of Mr. Mulligan. He's a strange business man, in it for only the business.





Devin is a senior at MSU, studying Media and Information, with a Fiction Filmmaking minor.

Still young in his filmmaking career, this is the largest project Devin has ever taken on.

Starting as a sketch artist, painter, and character designer, Devin decided on a career in film only 3 years ago, and has been working to improve more and more with each project.

Devin specializes in propmaking, design, and story development, outside of directing.



Director of Photography

Brad is a senior Media and Information major with a Fiction Filmmaking minor. A talented filmmaker, Brad mans the camera and acts as a bit of a co-director in some aspects. He just seems to have a nose for the perfect shot.

Brad's own directing experience goes a long way, and has earned him a student Emmy for the piece Rebel Rebel.




Irene is the boss on set. A senior Media and Information Major with a Fiction Filmmaking minor, she also is producing this year's Capstone project, Dead Ends.

Irene's producing varies from theatre productions ,to live events, and of course, film. She's currently producing 2 documentaries, and will have more information as those productions get rolling.



Audio Technician

Norman is a rare man on the MSU campus - a true lover of Sound. He runs the mixing and recording of audio on every set, and is unbelievably reliable when setting up the soundscape for the film.

Norman, a sophomore Media and Info major, has had his hand n countless projects at the student level.



First Assistant Director

Ilene is a senior at MSU, studying Media and Info with a Fiction Filmmaking minor. Her love of film is matched only by her love of music, as her college career is also marked by her membership in MSU's marching band.

As the AD, Ilene gets to boss every one on set around, making sure we keep on time and finish when we're supposed to, so that everyone leaves happy.



Behind The Scenes Documentarian

Jack is a junior BCA major at CMU. Every shoot he comes down from Mt. Pleasant to capture the antics of this crew in action.

Jack is the station manager at CMU's student-run television station, MHTV, and has dabbled in Journalism in his program, as well.




Light Man, the God of Electricity, whatever you want to call him, Jason is the go-to guy on MSU's campus for anything G&E. A veteran of the Wedding Videography industry, Jason's experience goes far beyond the classroom, and even beyond the university level.

His most recent big gig was as gaffer on the award winning feature, Sincerely, Brenda.